Buygore and Fresh Blood continue to be a hotbed of emerging talent these days, and the latest from the UK-based Stabby is no exception. Following up his recent “Ryu” single featured on the Fresh Blood Vol. 4 compilation series, the Street Fighter–themed approach to the dancefloor continues as he prepares to launch his Blade EP via Buygore on Friday.

Having made a name for his ability to merge the deeper, melodic side of things with the upfront, rugged sound that continues to dominate dancefloors worldwide, Stabby’s own love of rock music finds its way into the proceedings with power chords and metal-tinged hooks that dirty up the proceedings.

All of these skills are put to the test on his three-track EP, with “First Duel” standing out as one of our favorites. While a retro ‘80s vibe permeates the entire EP, the intro of “First Duel” captures the flashback essence the best, as Stabby takes his time unfolding what could easily be the soundtrack to a sci-fi thriller. With a melancholy pad laying down the foundation and a lurching kick and snare holding things down proper, an arpeggiated top-end brings on the shivers before the full power of the dreamscape takes hold and spirals its way to a skull-cracking drop. From here on out, it’s a battle of light versus the dark as Stabby spikes the proceedings with a heavyweight dose of metal-tinged flavor and haunting melodies. Who will win? Only the dancefloor can decide. Hadouken!

Available May 4 via Buygore.

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