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Hip-hop meets the brutal side of bassline culture, with Signal leading the way, on this raucous re-visioning of Foreign Beggars and Feed Me’s “24-7.” While Foreign Beggars have made a name for themselves with their own brand of grime-meets-hip-hop vocalization, the crew is no stranger to the drum & bass side of things, as they’ve collaborated or been featured on works by artists including Alix Perez, Calyx & TeeBee, the UpbeatsBlack Sun Empire, I Am Legion, and countless credits locked down with the mighty Noisia.

Now the crew comes full circle as the drum & bass prodigy known as Signal goes all-in on what has to be one of the sickest remixes of the year. Handing over the street-level intro to Foreign Beggars, once those ruffneck rhymes give way to the head-nodding filth of the tune proper, you know you’re in for a dank journey to the dark side.

With a hypnotic atmosphere lurking around the edges and a stomping groove sure to have the hair on your arms standing up, the tune is the perfect merging of all involved and makes for an untouchable experience that blazes its way through your synapses and rewires that link between your amygdala and your frontal lobe. Signal lets the groove ride just long enough to put you in the zone—and right when you think you’ve captured the essence of the tune, he flips it back up again and brings the vocals in for another round. The subtle switch is like a full-on blast of electricity that elevates this one to the next level—one that’s sure to be making waves from the streets to the festival stage all year long. So get to know this one, and let your peeps know you heard it here first.

Available September 28 via Par Excellence.

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