Australian drum & bass stalwart ShockOne has shown he’s in the game for life—from his early years making music with Pendulum in their home city of Perth, to his slew of releases over the past 15 years for some of the scene’s greatest stables, like Shogun, Viper and beyond. His Dark Machine project could be his grandest moment thus far, though, with a series of high-concept singles leading toward the release of a full-length artist album next year.

Following two earlier hands-in-the-air vocal offerings, chapter three of the Dark Machine opus drops today in the form of “Underloved,” and it’s arguably ShockOne’s most epic effort to date. The core of the anthemic tune is the incredible minute-long breakdown during its intro, which lifts the curtain on impassioned vocals from Cecil while building a tingling sense of excitement, stretching the tension like a rubber band before exploding into a rumbling, melody-soaked broken beat.

“‘Underloved’ is quite a drastic departure from my regular sound,” ShockOne told us. “However, in the context of the rest of the music on the Dark Machine project, I like to think of this song as a bit of a beacon of shining light, a moment of respite from the fairly oppressive nature of the sounds that surround it. I owe a lot of that to the vocals Cecil brought to the song. This is the first time we’ve worked together and, I hope, not the last. It wasn’t until I heard her vocals over the instrumental that I realized how big it could be; her vocal performance really lifted the song up to the next level.”

Available November 16 via Warner Music Group.

Buy ShockOne’s “Underloved” here.

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