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Rell the Soundbender’s Diablo EP was packed full of heavy-hitters, from the tunes to the collaborators. Even within that, no one would argue that “Bamba,” Rell’s track with DJ Sliink and KAKU, wasn’t a particularly fiery number. So naturally, Insomniac Records has rolled out an entire remix EP, inviting an all-star squad to take a stab at reworking the tune into their own vision.

This is no small release; in fact, this monster weighs in at seven massive tracks. Each remix here is just as beastly as the original, while taking it in so many directions. Both Lvndo’s and KAKU’s remixes tear “Bamba” through a breakneck tour of wild club styles. Bitch Be Cool is also back from the original EP to drop a thumping four-on-the-floor remix that’s built strictly for nonstop sweat. IVARR turns in a dynamically tight backbeat version that keeps jumping in for the throat. Meanwhile, Clips X Ahoy, Soji, and Cy Kosis each drag the single down their own unique, trappy paths.

“Big love to all my homies that cooked up a remix,” Rell tells Insomniac. “No reason why all of these shouldn’t be heard all over the festival grounds. Each one of these tracks brings its own uniqueness, its own flavor, and absolutely bangs!”

It couldn’t be a more fitting time of year for these monsters to drop. Equal credit goes out to all the producers who took it to the next level, as well as to Rell the Soundbender, DJ Sliink, and KAKU for giving so much ammo to work with. No cage or dancefloor could contain this release.

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