Insomniac Records’ global signing spree continues—this time with a new joint by Panamanian Diablo, Rell the Soundbender.

In the past, he’s mined moombahton grooves with David Heartbreak on “Killa” and trap beats on “Grimy Thirsty.” This time, el Diablo goes head-to-head with Rawtek, who bring their raucous Lionsound to “Baja” for an all-out bin-rattling assault packed with mechanical stutters, jagged rhythms, and frenetic video game effects.

“Rawtek and I actually made three or four different tracks for a collab that we are sitting on, but ‘Baja’ really stuck out and brought that energy that fits the project,” Rell tells Insomniac. “I think it brings that Lion and Diablo sound together nicely for the dancefloor. Crazy to think this is our first collab together after all this time, but the timing was right, and it’s def not the last!”

On his socials, Rell lists his current location as Andromeda, and by the outer-space sound of this track, we’re not going to argue.

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