Firepower’s Flatline EP series always comes correct. But the crew have really outdone themselves this time, as the tenth volume is about to elevate things to another level with the label’s OGs stepping up to drop the hammer on the dancefloor. While the compilation series usually features top-notch filth from new-school leaders in the bass music underground, the imprint returns to its roots for this edition, bringing an unprecedented amount of heat to the fore.

All the cuts are slamming, but it’s Rekoil’s “THOSE ARE ALIENS!” that has us jumping out of our skin and headbanging our way down the halls at Insomniac HQ. Centered on an eerie atmosphere that paves the way for a roller-coaster ride to the outer edges of space, the track shows Rekoil sounding the alarm to announce that extraterrestrial intelligence has taken over. It’s only then that you know shit’s about to go down. Sure enough, when the full force of this one hits, expect your eyes to roll back in your head and your ribs to shake and quake as the alien-probe-like stabs extract and re-sequence your DNA in a way that will make you a believer.

Available August 31 via Firepower.

Buy the Flatline X compilation EP here.

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