This week, the Insomniac Records crew is more than happy to welcome some UK royalty back into the fold. Bristol-born DJ/producer Redlight is known for his versatility, which allows him to elegantly leap from bassline-fueled house and nervy electro to a huge variety of UK-style bass. Two-step garage, dubstep, hip-hop, and more are all regulars in his repertoire, and this trademark fluidity is well on display on the latest bit he’s blasting for the label, which goes by “So Nice.”

“This record is a collage of the different British music that excites me: 4/4 bass and UK rap. It’s a taster of what’s forthcoming on my new album,” Redlight tells Insomniac. “I’m very excited to release this and am really enjoying making music at the moment.”

There’s plenty about “So Nice” that is very nice, indeed. Kicking off as somewhat of an old-school party jam blessed with killer hip-hop beats, it’s the sassy rap from Asabe that adds some extra spunky flavor. That’s before Redlight busts out into a blistering 4/4 bass assault, then switching gears into a trap-riddled break, before bringing back his signature synth bounce.

Keep a lookout for info on the full LP soon.

Redlight’s “So Nice” is available here.

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