Josh Butler’s Origins RCRDS imprint has already made a name for itself in a relatively short time, tossing out releases for Huxley, Kerri Chandler, and Tommy Vercetti, to name a few. This go-to label for those in the know recently dropped a hefty EP by Groove Armada, and with the amount of support the two-track House Musique release gained, it only made sense to put together a remix package. Origins has not only enlisted rising star Ben Sterling for this endeavor, but they have also tapped lauded producer Reboot for the task of the flipside tune, “JB and the Drive.”

Staying true to form, Reboot dives deep for his remix, playing with subtle rhythmic variation. While Groove Armada’s original version of “JB and the Drive” is a minimal, grooving house track punctuated by captivating explosions of energy, Reboot takes things down even further. He opts out of the stripped-down, slow build, and instead steps right in with a fully realized rhythm. Understanding the essences of captivation behind the track, this remix subtly layers those elements in, while carefully playing with the structure and pieces of the track.

This rework is likely to slowly creep into the psyche of the listener, hypnotically carrying them away before they even realize what has transpired. Reboot creates a clear vision, adding more weight to the value of the Groove Armada original.

Available February 15 via Origins RCRDS. 

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