Russia’s continuously surprising and talented bass house phenom Proxy is back for a second round on AC Slater’s mighty Night Bass. This time, he’s kicking out a two-track EP called Stupid Serious, which happens to be a very apt description.

The first tune in that equation is “Stupid,” a mean piece of work. Pumping in with an unassuming four-on-the-floor beat, this track feels as though it could easily go in a deep house direction. However, angular synths and low-pitched vocals quickly give the hint that this is a very different animal, indeed. Keeping things deep and low on an oceanic level, it’s the drop that comes out of left field. A big-energy bass house synth rolls and shifts, and then the listener is met with a bassline that hammers with a broken staccato punch. Not only does it follow an off-kilter timing, but it’s punctuated by a secondary jittery, arpeggiated synth. The rest of the track, with an energetic dynamic, plays with variations on this theme.

It could easily go south very fast in different hands, yet Proxy takes these risky choices and sows them into a track that is both catchy and captivating. It appears to work so well because it’s following many of the standard expectations of this style—but executing them on its own terms, following through in its own original way. While it may be true that “Stupid” might catch a few listeners off guard, if dropped at the right moment, this track could make a dancefloor go totally wild.

Available March 23 via Night Bass.

Buy Proxy’s Stupid Serious EP here.

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