Even back when he was first coming up in the bloghouse world, Proxy made it abundantly clear he wasn’t trying to fit in with the cool kids. The Russian producer was too caught up with carving out his own sound, which has permeated the electro, indie dance, drum & bass, and house scenes. This Ain’t Bristol and Night Bass are the latest labels to fully endorse his current bass house incarnation, both eager to cut him into their release schedule. IN / ROTATION is also feeling what Proxy has been throwing down, so our in-house label is pumped to be putting out his newest single, “Ready to Scan.”

Proxy’s strange and sinister genius is running at full capacity on this chunker of a tune. A thudding kick and overenunciated vocal loop of the word “scan” slowly build toward the weighty rhythm. Once it reaches full bloom, the piercing synthlines, wobbly bass, ominous chord swells, and bizarre textures work in unison to produce a heavy dose of that eerie Proxy vibe that has been dominating the dancefloor for the last decade.

This club tool is locked and loaded up top, so you already know what to do. But we’d suggest scrolling down first to get a deeper understanding about the brain behind that heavy bottom-end.

Proxy’s “Ready to Scan” is available here.

Your new “Ready to Scan” single is brimming with dark, brooding textures. How do you usually get into the right mood to write music within this space?
I’m always trying to avoid trendy sounds. Groovy melody is more important than individual sounds, to me. So, everything starts with the groove, and then more and more inspiration comes from within that.

What pieces of kit were used to make this one?
Basically, it’s a computer and a couple of good sounds from Serum on this one.

This is your first release on IN / ROTATION. How did you link up with Insomniac Records, and what made you want to pitch this tune to them, out of any of the other unreleased bits you might be sitting on?
This track is brave about the groove and general vibe, for my ears. I was thinking of the label that will match this thing, so I think IN / Rotation is exactly the one I was looking to for this tune.

Night Bass and This Ain’t Bristol have both recently put out music by you. These two imprints are arguably doing great things for bass-driven house music. Who are some of the artists and/or labels you respect the most right now, and why?
Both label heads are in my favorite list, for sure—AC Slater and Billy Kenny—love both labels, as they have their own visions in the music picks and A&R. Also, I like Tchami’s Confession and sometimes Dirtybird, especially when they release experimental kinds of sounds.

Russian producers are really starting to latch on to the bass house and G-house sounds. Why do you think it’s catching on in your country now? Is the music well received there, or are these artists making music for other markets?
Maybe the Russian time has come, I don’t know, haha. 🙂 But I can’t say there is a big progress in Russian electronic music since I’ve started in 2006. There are a couple more promising electronic producers here and there, and I am friends with them and work together with most of them. 

What do you have planned for the rest of 2018?
Lots of new music, probably fresh sound, gigs, livestreams from the studio, etc.—lots of stuff!

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