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Portugal’s PEACE MAKER! and London duo Anomon are a set of names making waves both on their own and together. Their recent collaboration for Medium Rare, “Pressure,” was such a success that they’re already bouncing back for another round. This time sees the three artists hitting up Fraudulent Records for a heavy-hitting four-on-the-floor thumper named “Rime to This.”

Firing straight off with a vibe-heavy beat, it’s apparent from the get-go that the low-end in the kick and the bassline mean serious business. Weaving through the identity of the track is a house style that leans into a bit of G-house, a dab of bass house, and a dash of that “piggy house” style Anomon is known for. “Rime to This” has a mean bounce that is bound to be contagious for any crowd. Beyond all of this, the synth elements, the rhythmic patterns, and even the narrative vocal sample put this track in line with a trend toward the deeper electro style of the mid ‘00s, which is not a bad look at all.

PEACE MAKER! and Anomon definitely have a heater here, and even they knew it during the production process. As Anomon explains:

We’ve known each other for quite some time and have been working on several ideas through the past year, so when PEACE MAKER! came up with the first draft, with that sick intro and vocal sample, we jumped straight on it and knew it was the one! What we tried to achieve was the tastiest blend of heavy basslines and techy grooves; we were constantly threading the needle until we knew we were there. We are super stoked to have a track like this released on Fraudulent Records, as their eclectic mix of bass-heavy releases and crunchy tech bangers makes them the perfect home for this track. So, for people looking for a combination of twisted, piggy house basslines and clean, tasty tech grooves, “Rime to This” is definitely the track to jam to.

Available February 8 via Fraudulent Records.

Buy PEACE MAKER! and Anomon’s “Rime to This” here.

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