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Just in time for the midsummer blowout, Oolacile, INFEKT, and MurDa lock horns in the studio and stitch together a Frankenstein-like beast bursting at the seams. Building upon the untouchable sound design and aggressivly heavy dubstep sound each producer is known to bring on their own, the resulting “Triple Threat” reconfigures the DNA of each crewmember into a feral offspring designed to crush everything in its path.

With the crew set to touch down at Bassrush Massive in a few weeks as part of their Triple Threat tour, this Bassrush Records heater is a preview of the kind of sonic beating you and the squad will be subject to (and will, no doubt, love every second of). For now, feast on this “Triple Threat” treat from Oolacile, INFEKT, and MurDa, and let’s hope there’s some more collaborative magic in the works from these three in the future.

Oolacile, INFEKT, and MurDa’s “Triple Threat” is available here.

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