“Isso Aqui” loosely translates as “this here,” and usually when someone drops a “this here” on you in conversation, it means you should pay extra attention. And so it is with Brazilian DJs and producers MKJAY & Sterium’s track by that name. Both are affiliated with the Brazilian label Sweets & Treats, but MKJAY also recently gave us First Ride / Ladies on Atlanta’s Psycho Disco! Records, and has turned up on Toolroom and Box of Cats.

Taken from their Okay Obey EP on Germany’s good vibes imprint, This Ain’t Bristol, “Isso Aqui” is a funky slice of jacked-up tech house with a galloping kick and crispy hi-hats doused with occasional whoops, uh huhs, creaks, and crackles. There’s a devilish, frisky feel to it, like it’s trying to get you into some kind of trouble and in a hurry. We suggest following along. MKJAY and Sterium are just in their 20s but they’re already doing a bang up job representing what’s going down in Brazil.

Available November 2 via This Ain’t Bristol.

Buy MKJAY and Sterium’s Okay Obey EP here.

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