Hearing that your favorite is keeping things on the down low is enough to give you the Jerry Springer willies. Fortunately, we’re talking about music, and Maximono in particular, who have a definite penchant for frequencies on the lower end of the sonic spectrum.

“As you probably know by now, we’ve got a weakness for low frequencies,” Maximono tells us. “So, keeping it ‘on the down low’ is somehow a very natural thing for us.”

And boy, have they proved their point—again. “On the DL,” from the forthcoming three-track Bust a Move EP, shuffles along at a steady clip, nudged by a pitched-down vocal, a dash of retro-digital effects, and a chunky, rubbery bassline that feels like it’s gurgling up from somewhere so deep in the ground, it might as well be the other end of the planet.

“We wanted to fuse some squelchy acid vibes, pumping beats, vox, and big bottom-end… something to test the club speakers!” they add. “Looking forward to smashing this one on our forthcoming tour.” After pressing play on this a few times in a row, we can’t wait, either.

Catch them in North America and Australia/New Zealand throughout February on the Bust a Move tour.

Available February 2 via This Ain’t Bristol.

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