Italy’s Lorenzo Bartoletti has earned himself the rep of a seasoned DJ thanks to his seminal residencies in his adopted hometown of Barcelona, and equally, he’s building a rep as a talented producer. As a reflection of how he’s sharpening those studio skills, he’s just turned in the brand-new Monasterio EP on Matador’s Rukus imprint, and we’re previewing its powerful B-side.

“The inspiration behind the EP is mostly my nephew, Lapo,” Lorenzo says. “Since the moment he was born in 2015, I felt the need to dedicate something to him and translate into music some of the strong feelings I had during that day. This is what is behind the whole EP, actuall—not only behind the track that has the title of his birth date, ‘Cinque Marzo’ (Italian for March 5). I wanted to do something musically powerful, joyful, touching, emotional… to represent everything you can feel on a day like that.”

“Cinque Marzo” indeed has a dash of euphoria to it. Awash with tight, lively percussion, it’s an upbeat slab of melodic techno that foreshadows what’s to come from the moment its bassline kicks in, with Lorenzo gradually layering on the synth elements as he builds the intensity and threads a particularly emotional and deeply personal touch through the affair.

Available November 16 via Rukus.

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