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Bass house trailblazer JOYRYDE has just blessed us with a massive first single off of his upcoming debut album, Brave. Out now on HARD Recs, “IM GONE” takes listeners on a wild ride from start to finish, twisting and turning from ear-gnawing rap vocals to classical piano successions. The drop mixes a gripping rendition of JOYRYDE’s signature bouncy bass sound and bursts of captivating synths that truly steal the show. Beautifully hectic throughout, the track expertly melds these disparate elements into a masterpiece of a track.

The madness of “IM GONE” makes perfect sense once hearing JOYRYDE’s burdensome backstory while creating the track. “‘IM GONE’ is a song that I’ll cherish my entire life,” he says. “I started it while recovering from back surgery on maximum-strength opioid pills. Some parts I don’t remember writing. On those days, I realized what it was like to feel my mental health slipping.”

“I’m grateful to have music and JOYRYDE in my life, because that’s what pulled me back into the strongest version of myself I’ve ever been,” he continues. “When I saw the light at the end of the recovery, it forced the rest of the album out of me. I’ve never been more attached to something that wasn’t alive.”

Released on the brand-new HARD Recs, “IM GONE” marks the launch of Insomniac Music Group’s newest imprint, destined to provide a platform for a diverse range of artists, both large and small. Just as HARD festivals like Holy Ship! and Day of the Dead have consistently curated talented rising lineups, HARD Recs hopes to continue this mission of championing cutting-edge music from a wide range of genres. This ideology naturally leads to JOYRYDE as the optimal first release, as his wildly unique sound has quickly become distinguished in the few years since he started putting out music.

Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella couldn’t be more excited about this first release, saying, “Last year was massive for HARD and Insomniac Music Group, so it was a natural progression to get both teams working together to build a proper label experience. I’m excited for the roster of exceptional talent we’ll be curating for HARD Recs, and JOYRYDE is the perfect person to kick things off.”

This banger is sure to grace many festival stages this year, along with the fire that is to come in the rest of JOYRYDE’s forthcoming Brave album. The entire album is to be released in the coming months on HARD Recs, so keep an eye out for further info.

JOYRYDE’s “IM GONE” is available here.


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