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Jayceeoh pulls out all the stops on the tenth volume of his Super 7 mix series, so consider yourself warned when you pop this one in your virtual tape deck and hit play. Gathering a heavyweight squad of head-twisting headliners, it’s a stacked lineup as Barely Alive, the Bloody Beetroots, Dr. Fresch, Nitti Gritti, Bijou, and Bear Grillz join Jayceeoh on the infamous series that forces each producer/DJ to drop as many cuts as they can in a 10-minute span of time.

As Barely Alive tells us, “Doing mixes is never quite as exciting as playing a show, but the Super 7 mix is definitely an exception, because it presents the challenge of fitting as many edits as possible into a few minutes of airtime.”

With the challenge of the Super 7 project driving most artists to drop monstrous mash-ups, edits, and mega-mixes, it’s the custom-designed bits that really get the fans fired up. Barely Alive promises us that he’s got some “new custom edits that have never been played live!”

And Bijou offers a similar sentiment when he says, “For this mix, I showcased brand-new and unreleased music while incorporating exclusive on-the-fly edits. To me, this is the new wave of mixing for house music to take things to the next level.”

The diverse range of sounds on the mix is part of the appeal, as the entire series is designed to hit you with a mega-dose of beats across the spectrum of the dancefloor. Stitching each mix together makes for a wild kaleidoscope-ride through a virtual festival space as each artist brings their absolute best to the fore.

Even though each artist is capable of commanding center stage on their own project, the humble gratitude infuses the entire project and nods towards the kind of community that Jayceeoh is hoping to inspire. It’s a sentiment that the Bloody Beetroots echo when shouting out Jayceeoh for his invitation to contribute to the cause: “I am excited to be part of the family and support some new music.” Or, as the untouchable Bear Grillz says, “With so many talented artists on this, just to be involved is so cool.”

Don’t just take their word for it. Turn up the volume and prepare to dive headfirst into the mix.

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