Prepare to get your dome blown as InsideInfo and Kasra return with their second release under their collaborative moniker, Circuits. Built on a foundation of old-school attitude, vibrations, and a straight-up timeless desire to get that head down and those feet moving, the vibes on this one are off the chain.

From the flashback territory of “FHIT” to the filth of “Dream State,” it’s obvious the pair are not only reminding listeners of their own long and storied history in the scene, but also connecting the dots between the past and the present. While “FHIT” is the obvious choice for an old-school flashback to those long summer warehouse nights, it’s the hybrid DNA of “Dream State” that we keep returning to for a dose of synaptic flow.

Centered on an eerie, melancholy bed of atmosphere, the subtle machinations of this alien beast slowly come to life before the hypnotic groove at the core takes over and drives it all home. With an expert level of evolution and call-and-response between the layers, the next-level vibe on this one is guaranteed to transport you to the outer realms of the universe before getting down to the business of rewiring the DNA of your soul.

Available June 29 via Critical Music.

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