Last month, Australian producer POOLCLVB dropped his undeniably funky single “Flying Away” (which was described as “sun-drenched,” because the folks Down Under are actually sliding into summer in that part of the world right now) on his country’s etcetc label. Featuring the vocals of Portland diva Reva DeVito, it proved a quick dancefloor hit, equally necessitating a remix package. It didn’t take long for the label to string a few reworks together, and one of these remixes is so fine that we’re bringing it to you as our Track of the Day.

Fellow Australian producer Hood Rich delivers a more tech-house-flavored take that rattles and rolls with one hell of a super-charged groove. After slowing down Reva’s vocal to the point where she starts to sound like a he (for appropriately wacky effect), the focal point is the thundering bassline and accompanying 4/4 bounce that slams in after an early drop. It’s the sort of house cut that’s locked and loaded to really blow things up when the party is pumping.

Available now via etcetc.

Buy POOLCLVB’s “Flying Away” remixes here.

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