Brazilian producer Holt 88 has been on a steady rise with solid releases on a whole host of notable labels such as Box of Cats, Audiophile, and Dirtybird. His stripped-down yet driving four-on-the-floor style seems to hit people in all the right places. Now, he’s back to drop more audio joy on the world. This round sees him unleashing a tight EP, Haunt, on NY’s OKNF Collective.

Holt seems to have a very controlled yet raw style, and the title track is no exception. It’s deep and grooving tech house, to be sure, but the sounds filling that minimal space are as off-kilter as they are compelling. Even the initial percussion sounds feel more hiss and glitch than drum sample. As these strange elements build to a head, they are met by the kind of vocal sample found in long-lost house tracks and outsider funk records. Teeming with weird blips, horns, and meandering synths, Holt pulls these unusual pieces together in a way that could pack a dancefloor. It seems as though it is this body-moving, left-field attitude that has helped him rise further and further in prominence. This is definitely one to check out.

Available December 5 via OKNF Collective.

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