Since its inception, Groovement Records’ mission statement has been to bring serious grooves to German house and tech house—and then spread that energy far and wide. And they’re certainly walking the walk to match the talk. The label is about to drop a hefty compilation called JUKEBOX Vol. I, featuring more than 10 tracks of heavy-hitting tech house that is as unique as it is body-moving.

A prime example of what lies in store is Giddibangbang’s seriously grooving “Hektik.” Inspiration and motivation can never be predicted, so it only makes sense that this track came from some heavy times.

“I wrote ‘Hektik’ during a stressful week,” Giddibangbang tells Insomniac. “The whole arrangement is rather full, and it peaks at the really hectic second drop with a fast synth arpeggio, which then again resolves in the bassline. I’m glad to release this on Groovement.”

While this track crackles with energy, it’s definitely streamlined and stripped down. “Hektik” hits all the right notes at all the right times, teeming with seriously funky rhythms, as well as elements such as classic stabs, that nod in the direction of disco. And while the beat is unshakable, there are some serious teeth here, as well. A voice repeats, “I want to scream,” as a rugged bassline cuts across the mix. A beefy kick pumps things up, while also pounding through the dynamically tense rises and crashes of energy. In the end, this tune was made to wring every last drop of sweat from a dancefloor, and it’s more proof that Groovement has the right idea.

Available February 22 via Groovement.

Buy Groovement’s Jukebox Vol. 1 compilation here.

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