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Bruno Furlan is a big deal in the Brazilian house world, and he’s back to drop some serious business on Audiophile XXL, called “I’m Lost.” It’s only fitting the phenom brings additional heavy-hitters along for remix duties, including the likes of FractaLL, Steve Darko, and Westend.

Furlan’s original vision of “I’m Lost” is a deep and stripped-down viber with a hefty bassline and hypnotic, arpeggiated synths. Keeping the general idea and tempo, FractaLL pumps the energy up a couple notches for a track that could step out of the warehouse and venture off poolside. The atmospheric crunches are replaced with house-centric synth chords, while the bassline gets just a little more edge and the arpeggiated line is transformed into an upbeat hook.

There’s a rolling bounce on this remix, one that makes the whole track pump with a bit more energy—which is not to say the original version isn’t a fiery number, because it absolutely is. FractaLL is doing what a good remixer should: keeping the heart of the tune intact, while shining a new light on it. Both versions could work at the same party, but each would find a different moment to come through. This is a great complement to what Bruno Furlan has laid down.

Available June 29 via Audiophile XXL.

Buy Bruno Furlan’s “I’m Lost” here.

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