Exept and Missin are two drum & bass acts that are getting a lot of attention at the moment, and they have also recently joined forces to create their first track together. “Something You Are”—appearing on Exept’s Nemesi EP—is an interesting look back at minimal darkstep, presumably making for an interesting studio session when the collab was conceived.

If one thing can be said about what Exept and Missin have in common, it’s that both artists are extremely diverse and can produce solid tracks in almost any style. But with Nemesi, Exept really homes in on darkstep, and it seems as though Missin is mirroring them on “Something You Are.” While sparse and intelligent, the cut is also well suited for the dancefloor.

It opens up with an ambient aesthetic that finds its way into the first iteration of the beat, and it’s not until after the first break that the track gets really steppy and danceable. There are a few interesting switch-ups in the track, with only two obvious breaks, but the structure and syncopation of the rhythm change a full nine times before the end of its five-minute run. “Something You Are” not only gives D&B tech nerds a lot to ponder, but it’s also a great collab between two promising up-and-comers in drum & bass.

Available January 31 via MethLab.

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