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Escape: Psycho Circus has always been true to its name. When October rolls around each year, it’s TIME. Time to let your wild out. To open the gate and trot out a bit of the good, ol’-fashioned, piston-legged lunacy that tends to build up via livin’ life in the “real world.” Yep. Escape is about letting your Mad Hatter take a stroll. Off the leash and legal, let’s say.

Well… Angerfist has no leash.

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without the hardcore. And he’s the guy who never turns it off, shuts it down… who never takes the mask off. In fact, these days, when your mind begins sending your body the “Approaching 170 Beats Per Minute!!!” warning, it’s often Danny Masseling behind both the decks and the hockey mask.

So, get right with your crazy, howl out with your hardcore, and brush the cobwebs off your body’s TURBO button to this whomping and walloping Escape: Psycho Circus 2017 playlist from the man himself.

“It combines a lot of current beats that represent the hardcore scene as I like to see it. I’ve chosen to add some older Angerfist music as well,” he offers. “I’m looking forward to performing at Escape with Miss K8 next month and drop some of these badass tunes.”


It’s pure and simple—the perfect soundtrack to prep your gear and mindset. And you know it’s a real wrecking ball when “Blood for Blood,” “Assault,” and “1000 Explosions” aren’t even the heaviest titles in the rotation. “Fist in Your Face”—Helloooo?

Seldom does an artist fit the bill as perfectly as Angerfist does Escape. Sling that saddle over your rocket, and don’t even worry about lighting the fuse; we’ve got you covered. Catch Angerfist doing his thing October 27 at Escape: Psycho Circus.

Escape: Psycho Circus 2017 takes place Friday, October 27, and Saturday, October 28, at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit the official website.

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