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The Brooklyn-based Esseks returns to Wakaan with another glimpse into the synesthetic world of his ever-impressive mind. Known equally for his brain-tickling visuals as he is for his aural productions, Esseks rides that fine line between the dark and the light in a way we can’t help but fall for every time.

Take “CGIdol”—which we’re premiering above—the lead cut from his forthcoming Broken Thought EP. Taking the loosely defined freeform bass form into new territory is no easy feat, but Esseks does so with inimitable ease. Centered on a haunting, almost soulful vocal hook, Esseks twists knobs and skulls through various levels of digital processing and fx while riding the kick and bassline throughout. Right when you think you’ve got a grasp on things, the matrix glitches and the walls come crashing in.

As with the rest of Esseks’ output, the tune rewards those who are down for multiple listens, as different details emerge from the ethereal soundscape and reveal the full power of the intricately crafted and complex layers. It’s dancefloor hypnotism at its finest, as the sweeping scope of the atmosphere battles with the electric growl lurking around the edges with just enough bite to keep the masses moving.

Available November 30 via Wakaan Music.

Buy Esseks’ Broken Thought EP here.

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