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The Australia-based duo known as Ekko & Sidetrack continue to shred their way to the top with another monster single designed to celebrate their recent exclusive signing to Viper Recordings. Having earned a reputation for knocking out a versatile range of heavy-hitting numbers over the past three years, Ekko & Sidetrack channel their ability to crush on everything from liquid to neuro on the aptly titled “Exotic Robotics.”

“We wrote a tune around a funny name we had,” they tell Insomniac. “We imagined how a robot strip club might sound and the kinds of characters you might find in there: Saucy robotic dancers, sleazy characters, and tough robot security. Based on that, we came up with a sonic palette that transports you through the beaded curtain and into ‘Exotic Robotics.’”

A dark and frenetic number that’s the perfect culmination of their journey thus far, the track builds on the foundation of their signature jaw-dropping sound design with a cheeky groove that flips the script on the usual apocalyptic darkness that permeates the techier side of the drum & bass scene. It’s a massive look from a duo that’s about to level up alongside the rest of the Viper crew this year, so watch out!

Available August 3 via Viper Recordings.

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