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Discovery Project Releases is a regular series featuring exclusive music downloads from our Discovery Project alumni.

From shredding on his guitar at backyard gigs in high school to rockin’ the decks at EDC Las Vegas 2017, Noise Frenzy has always sought to make bodies move—regardless of genre. Over the last year, the L.A.-based booty bass ambassador has built an arsenal of rump-busting beats that have earned him the respect of house heads and world-class artists alike. He’s been tapped to remix the enigmatic Maala, and the This Ain’t Bristol crew pegged him to DJ their recent L.A. one-off, so it’s understandable that his unique blend of beeps and bass has earned him a coveted spot as the one and only Discovery Project inductee this year in Vegas.

This kind of success doesn’t come easy, though. He’s had to learn some hard professional lessons along the way. His first DJ gig was just short of a disaster, and it took him more than six years to start getting noticed for his music. However, if his Discovery Project Release is any indication of what the power of practice, persistence and dedication can amount to, then Noise Frenzy undoubtedly has a long career ahead of him.

“Yer Hips” is exactly the kind of tasty groove that he’s becoming known for. Anchored by a bouncing low-end whomp, the track is marked by unearthly synths that slide and slither around vocal clips and shuffling hats. Noise Frenzy’s sound design and use of space combine the beautifully bizarre with the delightfully danceable for something reminiscent of a Dirtybird party on a spaceship.

We sat down with the young producer to chat about teaching himself how to read music, how he finds inspiration in live music, and what his EDC experience was like.

You taught yourself how to read guitar tabs. Prior to picking up the guitar, did you have any musical background, be it in the family or otherwise?
The guitar was the first instrument I ever picked up and learned. Prior to that, I had no other musical background, aside from listening to classic rock with my brother and some of my dad’s old records that he had collected. There were a few guitarists down my family line, but nothing serious—more just the hobby-type. Figured I’d give music a shot, since I loved it so much.

How did it feel to be the only Discovery Project inductee at EDC Las Vegas this year? Can you talk a bit about your experience there?
I was actually just thinking about this a few days ago. It’s pretty insane that so many producers like me enter this competition to play the biggest festival of the West Coast, and out of all the different genres and music types, I was the one that got the phone call. Made me feel very fortunate and gave me more motivation to keep working hard on my craft. My experience at EDC as an artist was definitely one for the books, and I cannot wait to play there again in the future!

You recently tweeted that you were going to a Fleetwood Mac concert. What do you get out of the live music experience that’s different from the dance music experience?
To see any classic rock band in concert is always going to be an amazing experience—it’s just timeless music. Not that electronic music can’t be timeless, but something about a guitarist killing a solo live takes it to another level. Also, it’s always good to take small breaks from the pounding house music, haha.

You’ve entered Discovery Project before. What made you decide to keep trying?
I believe I entered two times before this one. I don’t know, a part of me just said, “Why not?” At the end of a day, if I get a no, then I’m still going back to work harder on my music and eventually enter again. I felt confident in my music and definitely wanted people to hear what I had been working on. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to do so, and also for having the courage to not stop trying after the first “no.”

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