Around a year ago, Nova Scotia future house heroes Botnek launched their World Famous Headquarters imprint with the devastatingly groovy “Don’t Need U.” In the time since, the label has largely been an avenue for their own deliciously wacky productions. However, change is in the air at World Famous Headquarters HQ, as they’re ready to welcome outside artists into the fold—starting with a rollicking roller coaster from Das Kapital & MNNR, “XTC,” which is excellent enough to warrant a special look as our Track of the Day.

“This year, Botnek decided it was time to focus less on using the label for their own music and instead give back to the inspired and prolific community of producers,” the label tells us. “World Famous Headquarters has naturally evolved into a way for Botnek to discover and support talented producers from around the world that fit their unique filter of wacky house music.”

“XTC” is most certainly a wild ride that’s worthy of your attention. Making excellent use of a vocal sample discussing the aforementioned illicit substance, the duo layer their driving percussion before dropping into an early, tripped-out breakdown that’s a prelude for some solid bassline and synth work after the drop, making it the perfect match for the World Famous Headquarters family—peak-time wackiness that’s crafted with care (if you catch our drift).

Available November 1 via World Famous Headquarters.

Buy Das Kapital & MNNR’s “XTC” here.

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