The long-awaited War on Silence album from Crissy Criss has finally dropped, and it is a jaw-dropper from top to bottom! With the hype building on this one for months—as Crissy and the crew kept dropping teasers in the form of a series of untethered singles—the full fury of the album proper is finally unleashed. When you lay out all 18 tracks side-by-side, the heroic journey through the underbelly of drum & bass is like a cinematic blast that features the ever-prolific Crissy at his very best.

Released on his very own War on Silence imprint, the album gathers an all-star crew to help bring the core superhero theme to life. To get a glimpse of the diverse nature of the album and Crissy’s own output, visionaries ranging from FuntCase to trap duo Wide Future step up alongside familiar heavy-hitters like Malux, Erb N Dub, Teddy Killerz, Heist, Upgrade, and many more.

Still, the album is Crissy through and through, and some of the most exciting cuts on the project feature the man going all-out in solo mode. Take the swerving stomper known as “Show Me,” which we’re featuring as our Track of the Day. Centered on a wonky groove with just the right amount of filth to keep the heads bouncing off the walls, it’s the perfect embodiment of the way Crissy merges his technical prowess with a street-level understanding of what makes the body move.

Available April 5 via War on Silence.

Buy Crissy Criss’ War on Silence LP here.

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Follow Crissy Criss on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud



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