House music has always been described as a spiritual release for many of the heads that subscribe to its purging powers on the dancefloor. However, this comparison holds even more weight these days, as things like yoga and meditation become deeply intertwined with the culture. New York producer Codes had his own moment of cooperative clarity during a group meditation session, which triggered a desire to recreate that magic on his forthcoming two-tracker, Club Meditation, for Strangelove.

“Both tracks on the EP are about breathing,” Codes tells Insomniac. “A while back, I found this flyer for a free group meditation class in Brooklyn and decided to go with my girlfriend. There were some super spaced-out people running it, but the actual breathing in and out together with a big group of people was mega-powerful. That’s where I had the vision to try to achieve the same thing in the club. Shout out Sri Chinmoy!”

The title cut is anything but a prescription for relaxation. Instead, Zen gets thrown out the window and is replaced by the producer’s idiosyncratic style. A four-on-the-floor beat is quickly joined by a deep (and borderline disturbing) voice repeatedly instructing the listener to breathe in and out. Pressure is piled on higher and higher until a faint whisper exhales, and then the whirring synths, heavy respiration samples, and rolling basslines guide the floor into a frenzy. Leave it to Codes to take a calming breathing exercise and reconfigure it into an endorphin-flooding house jam.

Available January 12 via Strangelove.

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