Don’t let the mild-mannered demeanor fool you; Champagne Drip is more than capable of unleashing his inner Neanderthal as he does on his Offworld EP, which just dropped on Bassrush Records. Having surfaced on a diverse number of imprints including SMOG, Quality Goods, Circus, Wakaan, Deadbeats, Mad Decent, and Saturate, the Los Angeles–based producer’s ever-impressive output proves there is no boundary he isn’t willing to cross.

From heaven trap to Balearic dreamscapes on through to rough and rugged womps and straight-up rail-riding dubstep, Champagne Drip crushes on all fronts and should never be underestimated when you see his name coming through. Take his latest for Bassrush Records: from the full-tilt neck-breaker known as “Hot Pot” to the epic, cinematic flair of the sci-fi-tinged “Deckard,” he zeroes in on the dancefloor while channeling a vibe that results in what he calls “psychedelically informed bass music.”

“I love making music that excites me in the studio,” he explains when asked about his impressive ability to blur the lines between genres. “Sometimes I write something rowdy; sometimes I write something deeper or euphoric. I definitely don’t stick to one thing—that kills it for me.”

When asked about this release in particular, Champagne Drip agrees that the sound we are hearing is the culmination of an entire career spent experimenting with different musical genres.

“I’ve written D&B, dubstep, trap, and dabbled in other things, as well (thinking about my short stint with gabber right now). I try to bring everything together and mix it with what I’m currently inspired by. I learned how to slice Amen breaks and make Reese bass, so I still like to sneak that in there. I love big dubstep kicks and snares and wobbles, so those go in there. And I’m a huge fan of cinematic and ambient music, so that goes into the pot, as well. It is the perfect time to take a sort of hodgepodge approach to music production and DJing; people are currently very receptive to diversity.”

Whether you’re here for the diverse offerings or just want to get your head cracked, Champagne Drip has what you need. Warn the neighbors, and check the beats above.

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