With love pouring in from the likes of Skrillex from the get-go, the Australian duo known as Carmada continue to barrel their way to the top with an untouchable mix of mainstage energy and heart-wrenching melodies at the core. Made up of L D R U and Yahtzel, the duo are coming off a hot collab with NGHTMRE that continues to smash, as well as their own 2018 remix of Fatboy Slim’s classic “Right Here, Right Now” that has them pegged as breakout stars to watch in the coming year.

It’s the perfect convergence of energy as they surface on Insomniac Records with the festival-worthy “Ready for It.” Conjuring an electrifying display of all that the pair are capable of, the tune takes its time easing us into things with a sweeping atmosphere and heart-wrenching female vocal that brings on the goosebumps before the sky breaks open and rains down a melodic-driven shower of future bass vibrations.

“We had a lot of fun creating ‘Ready for It,’” Carmada tells Insomniac. “The song went through so many evolutions during the production process. We battle-tested nearly every version at a show and used the fans’ reactions to help [shape] the final product. There are rumours of a secret version floating around.”

While this one’s sure to be on heavy rotation in your own personal playlist, there’s no doubting that Carmada pack enough of a bottom-end punch to keep it locked on the dancefloor, whether you’re a midnight rager or sunrise dreamer. Check it.

Carmada’s “Ready for It” is available here.

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