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Price: Free

Genre: Electronic

Origin: United States

Fester started getting into the DJ culture in the early 80’s. Not having enough money to buy turntables and a mixer, he improvised by using a boombox instead (ask any OG DJ from back in the day as to how this worked). From there, he fell in love with the BBOY culture (breakbeats, graffiti, battling, turntablists) and began to follow all things BBOY. He was still turntable-less, but, at the same time, was gaining knowledge by watching his neighborhood DJ crew do their thing. Soon after that, he progressed into a variety of music genres (new wave, disco, funk) – basically anything that sounded good. He paid his dues by working as a mobile DJ (weddings, house parties, etc.). Fast forward to the early 90’s, Fester found the techno sound and underground culture thanks to Eric Davenport (aka E Zone). And so began the incredible musical journey filled with massive crowds, traveling to out-of-town gigs, live PA’s (Axis Worklabs), and a short stint with an independent record label (Turnstyle Records). Fester is proud and humbled to be a part of the Insomniac movement that has grown from hundreds of people to millions all over the world.


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