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London bass artists Affiliate have been slowly working their way through the UK scene. From releases on Saucy, to remixes for Taim, to guest mixes for Marcus Nasty, this duo have been putting in some serious work. Now, they’re back to drop a big track on BRØKEN, a collaboration with UK vocalist Dakota Sixx named “One for You.”

Leaning heavily on the low-end, Affiliate also works under the banner of garage here, while pushing a modern take on UK funky. The cut is as dark as it is soulful and emotional. Affiliate also use a wide range of elements and styles to create a complex and compelling track.

“We actually started ‘One for You’ back in 2017, the third in a series of tunes with Dakota Sixx,” Affiliate tells Insomniac. “For this, we’ve tried merging UK funky elements with that classic Reese bass you hear a lot in drum & bass. Once the concept was down, we knew instantly it would be perfect for Dakota’s wicked party vocals. It’s taken a while to settle on the final version, but we’re mad happy with how it turned out.”

While it hangs in the pop-oriented lane of UK funky, it also works in the more body-moving rhythmic elements of the genre, but working them into a very contemporary soundscape. There is also a hefty four-on-the-floor beat here to push the drive just a bit a harder, complete with a bit of pumping for good measure.

Beyond all of that, the heartfelt vocals of Dakota Sixx are what pull things together. Coming from a very honest place, she explains her inspiration:

Being a hopeless romantic, I always find myself in the same situation when I’m dating people. I wrote this when I was feeling super frustrated with somebody that I really liked; he was afraid of commitment, which was super annoying for me. When I was writing, I kinda realized that most of the people I go for seem to have commitment issues, and I’m apparently weirdly drawn in by that—I guess it’s because I like a challenge!

In the end, this track showcases the skills of both parties. It’s a dancefloor-captivating garage track that works under a catchy pop structure with seriously compelling vocals. This is definitely a track to be on the lookout for.

Available April 10 via BRØKEN.

Buy Affiliate and Dakota Sixx’s “One for You” here.

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