• Party Thieves’ Favorite NYC Haunts

    Party Thieves’ Favorite NYC Haunts

    Jared McFarlin, aka Party Thieves, makes the type of trap music that inspires one to be bold. It’s a vacation from the monotony; stillness is far from achievable while bumping his tunes. Much like New York City, McFarlin can credit most of his success to his sound being heterogeneous in nature. The Big Apple flourishes because of the hodgepodge of people who call it home, and the same diversity of genres and derivatives that McFarlin produces on his tracks quality is parallel.

    Growing up in Monroe, New York—just about an hour and change out of the city—McFarlin’s music is inspired by the time he has spent in the city. Before he ravages through a festival-anthem-laden set on Sunday, May 15, at circuitGROUNDS, he sat down with us to describe his perfect day in the city. It is no wonder the former Marine is into all things sports, as his music is as intense as game 7 of a series. Yankees not Mets, Rangers not Islanders, this trap DJ is the island through and through. Look forward to an EP release this year, and maybe if we are lucky, he will drop his new collaboration with Flosstradamus over the weekend.

    Yankee Stadium

    Growing up, being from New York, rooting for the Yankees is a common thing in this city. In my family, it was more than just that; my dad, brother, and I would try to get to as many games at Yankee Stadium as possible. How could you not want to see the greats: Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera?

    Madison Square Garden

    This place just speaks for itself. The home of the Rangers and the good old Knickerbockers. There was one game in particular—I believe I was 10 or 11—my dad came home from work with NY Rangers tickets, and they were playing the Tampa Bay Lightning. The tickets were upper level, but we were able to sneak down to the ice during warm-ups. Adam Graves, who was one of my favorites, skated up to the glass and flipped a puck over the glass into my hands. I was the happiest kid ever. Nothing crazy ever happened when I saw the Knicks play, but I did get to see Patrick Ewing play at MSG, and not many kids these days can say that!

    Shake Shack (Madison Square Park Location)

    This one may be a bit embarrassing, but I love going to Madison Square Park for the famous Shake Shack. You may be asking yourself, “Why this Shake Shack?” Well, the answer is simple. The line may get to be very long, but you get to stand outside and enjoy the park festivities around you. Of course, going here during nicer/warmer weather is key.

    Chelsea Piers

    I have grown up my entire life on a golf course, so anytime I am in the city and it is nice out, I do my best to get over to Chelsea Piers to hit some balls. There is no better way to hit balls in the city then at Chelsea Piers. It overlooks the water into Hoboken. I suggest going around sunset, and although you may not be able to see where you hit the ball, the view is insane!

    The Frying Pan

    This may not be a hidden gem to people who live in NYC, but for people visiting, this is a must-do! The Frying Pan is literally a bar/restaurant on a boat on the Hudson River. The line is usually insanely long, but it is well worth it.

    Syndicated in BK

    A place like this needs to be in more cities. A bar/restaurant/movie theater… SAY WHAT! This place is so dope. You can order from your seat and don’t ever have get up. If you are in NYC and want to just chill out for the night and watch some oldie movies, independent films, or even new releases, you have to check out Syndicated in Brooklyn.

    Croxley's East Village Ale House

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE wings, and there is no better place in New York for cheap wings than Croxley’s Ale House. They have great wings for 20 cents and 30 cents, depending on if you want boneless or bone-in. This establishment has been around for 20+ years and is always packed! It’s also one of my favorite places to watch sporting events.

    Tavern 29

    After a long day of work, I look forward to going to Tavern 29. I am not very hard to please, and Tavern 29 gives you a great atmosphere across the board. The beer garden is nice, and they serve up great comfort food. I love coming here for brunch, but even more so after a long day in the studio, as a nice craft beer always hits the spot.

    Catch Party Thieves at EDC New York on Sunday, May 15. Tickets are available here.

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