• My Favorite Wonderland

    Over the past four years, I’ve experienced my fair share of Insomniac events, including Bassrush, Audiotistic, We Are NRG, and multiple Nocturnal Wonderlands, EDCs and Escapes. While I’ve absolutely loved each and every event, I strongly believe that White Wonderland is the greatest of them all.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love EDC, and like many of you, I’m an avid fan of each unique Wonderland, attending them when I can and dreaming of them when I can’t. Some ravers may raise their eyebrows at my bold choice, but allow me to explain.

    First, the beauty. There’s something quite magical about coming together in a sea of white. The crowd is dressed in one distinct color, creating a unified effect that sends shivers up and down your spine. In fact, the entire show is decked out in white—from the swaying crowd and dancing performers to the extravagant stage and fantastical artwork. Everything is merged into one to create a dreamlike vision.

    White Wonderland is the only Wonderland with one stage. This may seem like more of a negative than a positive, but don’t be fooled! With one stage, you’ll never miss a single performance. At a multi-stage music festival, running around from spot to spot to catch your favorite DJs can be a little annoying—not to mention extremely exhausting. Well, here you can do less running and more shuffling. Get your dance on, folks, because it’s time to ring in the New Year!

    Speaking of running, there’s something we absolutely dread about events that take place during the latter half of the year, when the air turns brisk and the winds grow cold. Every trek to and from the car seems to become an outright race to the finish line. Why? Because it’s freezing outside, that’s why! Luckily for us, White Wonderland offers a solution. Two words, my friends: coat check! It’s no secret that we ladies love to get dressed up (or down, rather), and as a result, we freeze our butts off before, during, and after the event. With its indoor venue and handy-dandy coat check service, we can actually embrace the fact that it’s extra cold outside, knowing that it’ll be even warmer, more inviting, and extremely snuggly on the inside.

    And if I haven’t yet convinced you, just wait until you hear this: At White Wonderland, you actually have cell service! That’s right, folks. Service. All night long. In my experience, this was the only event where I could easily find and contact friends, as well as wander freely without fear of becoming completely lost. Say goodbye to those text messages riddled with time stamps that, in all honesty, don’t even matter at most large events, and say hello to freedom, excitement, and that insanely cute guy (or girl) standing alone in the corner.

    This is also the only Wonderland with a 21+ age restriction. Veterans like me enjoy the opportunity to turn up among peers our age every now and then, making White Wonderland our ultimate destination. I’ve also noticed that these older crowds seem to bring a different vibe to the party—one that’s deeply rooted in the PLUR mentality we all know and love. I love our younger Headliners, but there’s nothing wrong with being among the older heads sometimes.

    Last but not least, this event takes place during the most perfect occasion. If there were ever a time to celebrate new beginnings, friendships, PLUR, and the magic of life, it’s on New Year’s Eve. If you’ve been to this grand affair in the past, you know the pristine picture I’ve painted for you is anything but your typical fairy tale. Believe it or not, it’s very much real.

    To get tickets to White Wonderland 2014 with Armin van Buuren, Laidback Luke, Showtek, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and W&W, head here.