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For the first time ever, EDC Las Vegas has an official anthem: Adventure Club vs. DallasK’s “Crash 2.0.” Just like two old friends, Adventure Club and EDC Las Vegas have grown together over the years. EDC Las Vegas 2012 was a series of firsts for the duo: It was the first festival they played, the first show they traveled to with their manager, and the first time they got iPhones (yes, they were using flip phones before). “The first picture we ever took was of the crowd,” says Leighton, “and that ended up being our background picture for I don’t know how long.” They’ve come a long way since those days as they ready for their return to the Speedway this year.

Before we get into out chat with Leighton about the making of “Crash 2.0,” we thought it would be fun to throw out a few “would you rather” questions. He was kind enough to oblige…

Would you rather… 

Always have to play requests or never perform live again?
I enjoy performing live too much, so I’d have to go with the requests.

Have the ability to teleport or to never get a hangover?
Teleport. Hands-down.

Go without your computer or without your cell phone?
Cell phone.

Give up Twitter or Facebook?
What are these insanely hard questions? Twitter.

Resurrect your punk band or produce a trance-only album?
Resurrect our punk band.

Only play club shows or only play festivals?
Oof… probably club shows, to be more intimate with our fans.

Never be able to produce another song or have to tell everyone all your music is ghost-produced?
(Sighs) Oh my, never produce a song.

Give up social media or hearing in one ear?
Social media.

Time travel and live in the past or in the future?
The future.

Go on an adventure in space or the deep sea?
There are a lot of variables here, but I’m going to go with space.

Make the jump to learn more about that heavy-weight tune, “Crash 2.0.” We’re calling it the official EDC Las Vegas 2015 Anthem. Perhaps you will too…

Did you two make “Crash 2.0” knowing it was going to be the EDC Las Vegas 2015 anthem?
No, not at all. We knew it might be in the trailer, but we had no idea it would become the anthem.

What was your approach when making the track?
We’re known for making chill-step, 140 melodic half-time stuff. We wanted something in our catalog that’s 128-BPM four-on-the-floor. We were aiming for a big, anthemic vocal with lyrics people could sing along to and think we really hit the nail on the head with that one.

What did you do when you found out the track was going to be the official anthem?
Honestly, we went out that night and got tanked. We were super excited, of course. Our song “Gold” was in the EDC Las Vegas 2014 trailer, and that was really, really big for us. We saw the responses we got from all the fans. This year, not only do we have the song in the trailer, but it’s the official anthem. We’re really blessed to have you guys choose our song.

Speaking of your fans, you guys have a pretty big following and like to post funny shit. Do you find everything yourself?
From the start, we’ve never had a social media team. It’s always been me; sometimes our manager and sometimes Christian will hop on board. Once or twice a week, I’ll just browse Tumblr, or when something funny comes to mind I’ll write it down on a notepad. It’s both good and bad, because sometime stuff will fall through the cracks, like posting tour dates, but we’re getting our shit together.

Listen to “Crash 2.0” in the EDC Las Vegas trailer, and buy it on iTunes and Spotify

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