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We capture a mental fingerprint of some of our musical and cultural heroes and preserve it in cyber-amber for the wonderment of future generations. This is the Insomniac Questionnaire; meet Marc Kinchen, aka MK.

What was your favorite toy as a child, and when and why did you stop playing with it?
I can’t remember anything before Atari 2600, and once I got it, I never actually stopped playing with it.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Did you take it?
You need to move to NY. Yes, I did.

What part of your day do you look forward to most?
It depends on the time of year. Right now through to end of February, nighttime is my favorite, ‘cause I get to be alone in the studio without distractions.

What’s the best time you’ve ever had without spending money?
Well, there is that one thing I am not going to talk about, and the other is most definitely making and producing music.

What is your most treasured possession?
My life-size Stormtrooper.

What is your favorite word?

Do you owe an apology to anyone?
Hmm, I hope not. But just in case, if I owe anyone an apology, I am really sorry I forgot.

When is the last time you were really scared?
Late on November 8, when the results came in.

What is the last thing you googled?
What the usual weather is like in Mexico City at the end of February—need to figure out what to bring to EDC.

What’s the last sound you would want to hear before you die?
My kids’ voices, or silence so I could concentrate on what was going on.

Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? If not, what’s the last dream you remember having?
When I am on the road, I dream of sleeping, and I dream it everyday.

How do you measure success?
Too bad there isn’t a tape measure. Success to me is living a happy, healthy, and creative life where I get to be myself, pursue my creative dreams, have a great family and team around me, and try to remember to be kind, empathetic, and not let the little things interfere with the path I am on.

If you could have one magical/superpower, what would you want, and why?
I think I would like to fly. It would make things so much easier—and think of the money I could save. I could also come and go on my schedule—not the airplanes’. Haha, great question.

Have you ever had a brush with the paranormal or supernatural?
Nah. Supernatural happens in my studio, though—supernatural music.

What do you remember about your first kiss?
No, I just can’t… I was very shy.

What four words best describe you?
Tall, empathetic, fun, and compassionate.

What’s the last impulsive thing you did?
Told my brother to meet me in Miami for Music Week.

Do you have a pet? Tell us a story about it/him/her.
We have two dogs that are both really old. One is blind in one eye, and the other has only three legs… my house is rescue central—we love dogs. The stories are completely ridiculous, and I would need a screenwriter to help set up the scenarios… Just imagine the picture, and now they both go out in a giant plastic stroller. What I really would like them to do is turn back time and simply be puppies again.

What is your strongest or best personality trait?
Just a pretty easygoing guy—I wish I could use “no drama Kinchen,” but it does not rhyme.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories or urban legends?
I am sorry to tell you, a lot of the conspiracy theories are about to become reality. So you see, you were not paranoid, just insightful. Concerning urban legends, yes, I definitely believe in CHUD (cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers), and that’s why I left NY. They are all over the place, especially in Brooklyn, and they like coming out late and going to clubs. It’s much easier for them to live underground in NY than in Cali.

Catch MK doing his thing at Beyond Wonderland SoCal the weekend of March 23.

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