Say what you will about Martin Garrix, but there’s no doubt that the barely-legal Dutch wunderkind is having the time of his life, and he’s chronicled some of those experiences on the inaugural episode of The Martin Garrix Show. Yes, it shows everything you’d expect from any DJ show: taking private jets to the world’s biggest festivals, playing to thousands of fans at said festivals, hanging out with other superstar DJs, and the like. But there’s also a charm and certain precociousness to Martin that we bet will win him over some more fans (not that there’s any shortage of them).

Here, we present to you our five favorite moments from The Martin Garrix Show. Watch above and see if you agree.

1. His high school graduation [2:04]

Despite his rigorous touring schedule, Martin managed to graduate on time from the Herman Brood Music Academy (where Julian Jordan was his classmate). Beats and brains? We’ll take it.

2. These shoes [7:11]

Our hero learns the hard way not to wear your nice shoes to a show.

3. Martin and Dillon’s meet-n-greet [6:54]

Dillon immediately proceeds to reverse play-punch Martin after this.

4. This cheese sandwich [5:02]

According to Martin, it’s “the best fucking thing on my whole rider.” Clearly, it’s the simple things in life.

5. This shot from Ultra Croatia [11:06]

Because it wouldn’t be a Martin Garrix show without some epically awesome pyro.

Bonus: Watch the just-released music video for the Martin Garrix and MOTi track “Virus.”

Double bonus: Step back in time and relive Martin’s EDC New York set below. 

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