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We listen to a lot of music here at Insomniac. A lot. In an effort to help you discover new tracks and artists, we tap our team of eclectic ears to dig and dig and dig some more—so you don’t have to. And they do that using a variety of headphones that are as diverse as their taste in music.

Headphones play a significant role in the quality of sound. Aspects like frequency response, ear cup style, and durability should be considered when deciding which pair of cans are right for you. Relatively new features like Bluetooth and noise cancelling can make big differences, too—even to untrained ears.

Given the number of people listening to music all day everyday here at Insomniac HQ, we decided to sit down with a few coworkers and get an idea of the different styles and tastes found around the office.

Amanda Nguyen

Role: Social Media Specialist
What I do: Create copy and content and manage specific brands’ social accounts.
Wide Awake Since: EDC L.A. 2008
Headphones: MEE audio M6 Pro in clear
Reason: They’re really great at blocking out noise.
Cost: $49.99 on Amazon
Track I’m currently listening to: B V R Z Z “Wasted Emotions”

Patrick Bologa

Role: Email Marketing Manager
What I do: I manage the email marketing program, ensuring we’re not spamming people and that we’re using emails effectively.
Wide Awake Since: EDC Las Vegas 2015
Headphones: Beats by Dre Solo HD dark blue
Why I like them: Because I look cooler than everyone (at least that’s what I tell myself). In all seriousness, they look great, the bass sounds pretty good, and they’re not overly huge.
Cost: $136.78 on Amazon
Track I’m currently listening to: Kendrick Lamar “Alright”

Nina Boone

Role: Festival Production Manager
What I do: I’m Bear’s assistant and help with credentials, catering, advancing festivals and all on-site staff needs.
Wide Awake Since: EDC Las Vegas 2015
Headphones: Skull Candy/Hesh 2.0/ Purple
Why I like them: They’re over-ear headphones with good sound, a fun color and a cheap price!
Cost: $51.99 on Amazon
Track I’m currently listening to: A Tribe Called Quest “Can I Kick It?”

Matthew Smit

Role: Marketing Specialist / Street Team Coordinator
What I do: I run the California street team and marketing for our We Are NRG and Palladium shows.
Wide Awake Since: Escape 2011
Headphones: V Moda / LP2 / Black
Why I like them: The bass-heavy filter on the V-Modas make it easier to beat-match tracks when DJing at loud nightclubs.
Cost: $145.44 on Amazon
Track I’m currently listening to: Alan Fitzpatrick “U Said U”

Anum Khan

Role: Editorial Assistant
What I do: Write for the website you’re reading right now!
Wide Awake Since: Audiotistic 2010
Headphones: LSTN / Encore / Brown
Why I like them: They’re lightweight and comfortable, and they have detachable chords.
Cost: $199.99 on LSTN
Track I’m currently listening to: Tube & Berger, In.deed “Highness”

Rob Simas

Role: Director, Content Development
What I do: Steer the editorial ship
Wide Awake Since: Nocturnal Wonderland 1995
Headphones: AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Headphones
Why I like them: The lows sound great with the over-ear cushion, the mids are clear, the highs are crisp—they deliver a pretty robust sound all around. The comfort level is pretty good too. The foam could be a little softer, but they’re lightweight so even when I wear them most of the day they never get too uncomfortable. Oh and they look good too.
Cost: $149.95 on Amazon
Track I’m currently listening to: Bo Saris “Little Bit More” (Mousse T’s Funk Mix—The Reflex Revision)

Tony Merino

Role: Brand Manager, Bassrush
What I do: All things Bassrush
Wide Awake Since: Nocturnal Wonderland, 2004
Headphones: Sony MDR-ZX110
Cost: $50.99 on Amazon
Why I like them: They are affordable, durable and do the trick.
Track I’m currently listening to: Skism x Megalodon x Habstrakt “Jaguar”

Randy Sosin

Role: SVP, Film & Video Production
What I do: Oversee all the Moving Pictures that we create here at Insomniac. Also, run the film crew at the festivals.
Wide Awake Since: Nocturnal Wonderland 1998 at NOS. Went with Gary Richards and Phil Blaine when we worked together at A&M Records back in the day.
Headphones: Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver
Cost: $99 Amazon
Why I like them: They fit securely in your ear and they are loud.
Track I’m currently listening to: AMTRAC “The Preacher”

Katie Bain

Role: Content Manager, Editorial
What I do: Write articles, develop articles, edit articles, put articles on the internet.
Wide Awake Since: EDC 2013
Headphones: eskuché 45Bv2 DJ/Studio with Apple mic
Why I like them: These headphones deliver serious bass (I love bass) and depth of sound. Fit-wise, the size is easy to adjust and they’re so comfortable that I can wear them all day without getting a headache. Plus, they’re LOUD.
Cost: $129.95 on Eskuche Audio
Track I’m currently listening to: My Nu Leng “Set It”

John Ochoa

Role: Content Manager, Editorial
What I do: I’m the master content creator of the internet universe. In other words, I listen to music all day and then write about how it makes me feel.
Wide Awake Since: EDC 2009 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Headphones: LSTN Ebony Wood Troubadours
Cost: $149.99 on LSTN
Why I like them: Just like their owner/wearer, the LSTN Ebony Wood Troubadours are sleek and stylish. Comfortable on the ears while delivering quality audio for the everyday consumer, their combination of highly fashionable woodwork and heavenly cushy earcups are ideal for never-ending office rave marathons. They’re so soft, I’ve definitely passed out with them on, confusing them with my nightly pillows.
Track I’m currently listening to: Tensnake “Keep On Talking”



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