We all journey down different paths in our daily lives. Some of us are customer service representatives; others are phlebotomists, bartenders, or sales advisors, to name a few. When we venture to a festival, however, we remove our costumes and transform into truer versions of ourselves, meeting in a world that allows us to leave all our worries (and boring-ass clothes) behind.

Insomniac celebrates #TransformationTuesday by asking six unique Headliners to discuss their lives in and out of the festival.

Read our full #TransformationTuesday series to meet even more awesome Headliners. And remember: Ravers are everywhere.


Headliner: Rosy S.
Age: 21
Hometown: Corona, CA
Occupation: Phlebotomist
How long have you been raving? 3 years
How would you describe your perfect EDC experience?
EDC is the happiest environment. My perfect EDC experience would be lasting all three days—from dusk until dawn—listening to my favorite songs under the fireworks. Most of all, it would be spending time with my rave fam.


Headliner: Hannah P.
Age: 19
Hometown: St. Joseph, MO
Occupation: Kids’ clothing store employee
How long have you been raving? 1 year
How would you describe your perfect EDC experience?
It would be dancing Under the Electric Sky and meeting incredible people, who I could become friends with outside of the festival. EDC is a place where no one will judge you for being you. It’s home to all the weirdos, and to me, that’s perfect.


Headliner: Ronnie C.
Age: 28
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Sales advisor at H&M
How long have you been raving? 14 years
How would you describe your perfect EDC experience?
That moment after coming out of the tunnel is literally breathtaking! It’s like going down the initial hill of a roller coaster. You just stand there in awe, trying to process what you’re seeing, and taking it all in. Everyone’s energy and vibes create a magical atmosphere, where you feel like you’re on a different planet. My favorite part is being at a stage. When you see and feel everyone dancing to the same beat, it’s such a thrilling feeling.


Headliner: Diana Z.
Age: 24
Hometown: El Paso, TX
Occupation: Customer service representative
How long have you been raving? 10 years
How would you describe your perfect EDC experience?
This is going to be my first EDC, so I’m really excited! My perfect EDC experience would probably begin with crying the moment I walk into the venue and seeing how beautiful it all is. I would also like to detach from my rave family for just a little bit and get lost in the music and take it all in. Everyone talks about this magical lemonade they sell inside the festival, so I definitely need to try it! Making new friends and seeing all my favorite artists would be amazing, too. Lastly, seeing the sunrise would make it completely perfect, and if I were to meet the legendary Pasquale Rotella in the midst of it all, I would probably die happily.


Headliner: Leslie L.
Age: 23
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Full-time student at MSMU
How long have you been raving? 3 years
How would you describe your perfect EDC experience?
My perfect experience would be just having fun with friends and everyone else at the festival. Most of all, it would be having a lot of kandi so that I can trade with other people. Their smiles and reactions are always the best.


Headliner: Nat A.
Age: 31
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Bartender
How long have you been raving? 10 years
How would you describe your perfect EDC experience?
The perfect way to experience it is being surrounded by your dearest friends so that you can experience all of the art, music, and overall madness together! I always look forward to the beautiful new souls I get to meet at the event and being able to absorb their positive vibes. Lastly, I’d love to dance my face off to Eric Prydz, because the last three times I had tickets to see him, I always had some sort of unfortunate mishap. Every EDC is different and unique, but always unforgettable!


If you would like the chance to celebrate #TransformationTuesday with Insomniac, please email your best transformation photos to osteinbe@gmail.com by Tuesday, May 8.



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