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We asked Billy Kenny to share a childhood memory about Halloween. Here’s his story.

“In the shadows behind us, we can see a figure… a guy with no head, who looks just about to kill us all!”

It’s Halloween, and the organizers are making a campfire by the woods, and everyone is invited to share their best ghost stories.

This freaky story happened to me a few years ago, when I was about 12-13 years old at Cub Scouts, while camping in a forest with loads of other kids.

We’ve started off light and are all having a laugh, until the group leader starts telling us the chilling story about a famous headless man who was seen walking in the woods we’re in for centuries. Vivid details from all the leaders make the story disturbingly realistic. Everyone starts to believe it and look at each other with slightly scared eyes.

Toward the end of the tale, we suddenly hear loud grunts from about 20 meters away, coming toward us at a quick pace. Our hearts jump, we all get straight on our feet, ready to escape.

The guide gets us to hurry up and start running in the opposite direction as the headless man who is there, in the flesh, ready to hack us to bits. In the shadows behind us, we can see a figure with a pumpkin on its head and a lamp in hand, shouting loudly while walking toward us—a guy with no head, who looks just about to kill us all!

When I came home, I had nightmares for weeks. My mother called the group leaders complaining, as I’m sure loads of other kids’ parents did, too.

I’ve never forgotten about it and never went to scouts ever again.

Now, of course, I’m cool AF, and I laugh in the face of danger: Pumpkin dude, come at me, bro!

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