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When you produce an album riddled with hits like Gorgon City’s debut, Sirens, the amount of time you spend on the road supporting the release is seemingly never-ending. The British duo is on a second month-long tour of North America, playing live with a full band, and culminating at EDC Orlando. In addition to the two central figures, Matt Robson-Scott and Kye Gibbon, onstage are Nathan Curran, aka Tugg the Drummer, and a pair of fiery vocalists, Lulu James and Josh Barry. Band plus crew are traveling on two luxury tour buses.

“This girl threw her underpants at Kye. He caught them and threw them back at the crowd. He didn’t keep them, which is a bit of a shame.”

This rough-and-tumble posse—offstage, anyway—started in Phoenix at Live Wire, working its way up the West Coast, hitting House of Blues in San Diego, the Palladium in Los Angeles, and Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco. Here, they had a few days off and threw an impromptu after-party at the city’s Audio nightclub. They also had a chance to be tourists, making it to Pier 39 and the requisite Aquarium of the Bay, arcades and sea lions, and to check in with Insomniac for their weekly tour report.

Most eaten food item: Burritos

Kye: We’ve been getting a lot of Mexican food on the West Coast. I’ve probably had a burrito every day so far.

Most media output from a gig: Los Angeles

Matt: Everyone is social media-conscious in L.A. The day after our show, there were literally hundreds of photos. They’re all quite good quality, too. When you do the show, you don’t get the crowd perspective, or what the show looks like. Now you can see it the next day, which is amazing.

Most beautiful show: Treasure Island Music Festival

Matt: I hadn’t been to the festival before, but I’d heard of it from friends. It’s cool because when someone’s playing on one stage, the other stage is off, so there’s only ever one stage on at a time, and everyone is watching the same music. I’ve never seen a festival do that before.

It was cloudy, and we thought it was going to rain; but when we got there, the sun come out and there was a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz and stuff. It is a really beautiful place.

Most common activity on the bus: Sleep

Kye: I’m starting to enjoy sleeping on the bus. Those tiny, coffin-like beds are surprisingly cozy. The buses here are a lot more luxurious than the ones in the UK. We’ve also got a mini studio setup that we take around with us in a trailer, so we can get work done on the road. Constantly being at festivals and clubs on tour inspires you, so it’s great to be able to channel that energy into making new music. Also, the shows have been amazing, so there has been a lot of celebrating and partying on the bus.

Most visited restaurant: Matsuhisa

Kye: Matsuhisa is a great Japanese restaurant in L.A. we love going to. The crab tempura is out of this world. Also, the spinach, truffle and miso salad is a dish the head chef at Nobu created—amazing flavors. I’m a vegetarian, so I have to do some research in some of the cities to find the best food. There are a few cities in the tour we’ve never been to, and I’m looking forward to checking out what they have to offer.

Most unexpected occurrence: Panties thrown at Kye at House of Blues in San Diego

Matt: It was Kye’s birthday the day of the San Diego show. Onstage, as I wished him happy birthday, this girl threw her underpants at him. He caught them and threw them back at the crowd. He didn’t keep them, which is a bit of a shame. He touched them, though.

Kye: I can’t remember much of that night at all. That’s a sign of a good birthday.

Don’t forget to check back next week when we catch up with Gorgon City about their second week of touring.

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