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With festival season in full effect, the all-too-familiar ravers’ adage, “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” has never been more real. With Dada Land: The Voyage, Lollapalooza and HARD Summer in the rearview mirror and Nocturnal Wonderland on the horizon, it’s undeniable that our community has transformed Fatboy Slim’s famous track into a fist-pumping, friend-making, picture-taking reality that, admittedly, never seems to end. And that’s just how we like it.

But with all the glamour, excitement, and rave family photo albums comes the not-so-pretty aftermath: the dreaded “recovery phase.” We’ve laid out 10 critical tips that will enhance your post-festival experience. Because let’s face it, simply eating and sleeping just doesn’t cut it these days. Sorry, Slim.

Get Back Safely After the Event

Every journey to recovery begins when the last set ends. Before you start focusing on rehydrating, eating, and figuring out which corner of the (regrettably) small hotel room you’ll be sleeping in, you’ll have to get there first. If you’re not shuttling or taxiing from the venue, be sure to choose a designated driver (or two) before the event starts, and map out multiple escape routes to avoid excessive traffic at the end of the night.

Hydrate Properly

While it’s absolutely crucial that you remain hydrated during the event, we highly recommend that you also hydrate during the days leading up to it, as well as during your recovery phase. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate again. And when you think you’ve consumed enough water, grab another glass and down it like it’s your favorite drink on your 21st birthday. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Catch Up on Sleep

Maintaining stamina over one, two or even three nights of partying is an acquired skill that festivalgoers exude all too well, and we highly commend each of you for your evident commitment to having a good time! But regardless of one’s ability to stay wide awake during the festival, there’s nothing better (or more important) than catching up on sleep afterward. Whether you’re back home or staying at a hotel, lock yourself up, shut off the lights, and give yourself time to catch up on some Zs. And for those of you living that oh-so-suite life, be sure to request a late checkout. Your body will thank you greatly for it.

Replenish Nutrition

Despite the crazy amount of delicious food typically found at music festivals, we know it’s the outrageously good music that everyone goes for. But whether you’re eating, dancing, or doing anything else that you can think of at a music festival, your body definitely isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Follow up your nights with healthy, balanced meals—yes, we’re recommending veggies—and if that’s too hard, take our advice and grab a smoothie. You’ll get the nutrients you need, and it’s easy to drink!

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

Speaking of drinks, we strongly recommend that you stay away from anything with caffeine in it for the first few days. Say no to your favorite Starbucks coffee and that 16-oz. Monster that you think will revitalize your body, because caffeine is considered a diuretic and can actually lead to greater dehydration. What does this mean to the avid festivalgoer? The increased chances of a longer hangover, unwanted headaches and more sleepless nights, aka the exact opposite of what you want during your recovery.

Personal Hygiene Care

After leaving a festival, many people tend to fall asleep before showering. But don’t worry—we know what’s up. Sleep trumps hygiene when you’ve just spent half the day on your feet, and there’s always time for a thorough rinse in the morning, right? As soon as you can, take a long, hot shower, wash the dirt from your hair, and rid your nostrils of those annoying black boogers we all hate to get. And if you’re looking for a little extra pampering, take a bubble bath with some stress-relieving bath oils.

Find a Recovery Buddy

If you’ve been to a music festival, you know that recovering by yourself is probably the most depressing thing ever. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and find a recovery buddy—someone who won’t leave your side for, oh let’s say, the next two or three days. We highly recommend choosing your significant other, a close friend or a sibling, but anyone who’s also recovering should do.


Since you’ll probably be locked up in a room for a few days, you’re going to need something to take your mind off of the seemingly once-in-a-lifetime experience that you just had. Instead of replaying the entire festival over and over in your head, save yourself the torture and watch your favorite movies (or shows) on Netflix.


We know that relentless fist-pumping and repeated shuffling can be considered a workout in itself, so we’ll keep this tip short and sweet. If you can find the strength to exercise during your recovery phase, your body will release endorphins that can help reduce physical pain while improving your mood. Sounds great, right? But don’t worry—if you can’t manage to hit the gym, take our advice and don’t sweat it (literally). Catching up on sleep is an excellent alternative.

Book Your Next Festival

Probably the best way to get over your post-festival depression is to book your next event. As soon as you’re feeling up to it, hit up your rave family, check out this website, and plan your trip to the next family gathering.



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