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EDC always finds a way to be unique and magical, even when the elements are not cooperating. One of Armin van Buuren’s favorite EDC moments was after a major sandstorm (no, not that one) that shut down the fest a tad earlier than expected in 2012. Resourceful as ever, he found a way to keep the party alive—because the show must go on.

This is what happened, from his point of view:

We had a live broadcast of A State of Trance, and they had to shut down the entire EDC event, due to safety; they were afraid that one of the stages could collapse. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but it meant that thousands of clubbers had to exit the Motor Speedway.

But we were still making radio, so a lot of the DJs that were still hanging around were playing a small DJ set from our little container beside one of the stages. The cool thing was that a lot of people had Sirius XM on their cars, so a lot of people were opening their cars and blasting out the live broadcast from EDC. So, in the parking lot, there was a massive EDC after-party going on. I’ll never forget that; it was one of my favorite EDC moments, for sure.

There’s a special vibe about EDC. People always ask me about EDC and other festivals, and I really think you can’t compare EDC—especially the Las Vegas edition—to any other festival. It’s really hard to put into words exactly, because you have to experience it.

It’s just an intense vibe of freedom and the evening warmth—but not too warm. I’m glad they moved it to May, because it’s a little more bearable. Also, people dress up, and they come from everywhere in America and other countries. It’s really one of the highlights on the dance music calendar.

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