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No one can answer the “Is it a banger?” question better than a booked-up DJ on the frontlines, road-testing new releases on the regular. At the end of each month, we’re tapping a handful of selectors to find out which records have been popping off the most in their sets. These are the hottest jams according to some of our dopest DJ friends. Take it from them; they know what they’re talking about.

Alison Wonderland

Hayden James “Just a Lover”

I’ve been friends with Hayden since the beginning, and this is just another awesome house track by Hayden.

ZelooperZ “Elevators”

I met ZelooperZ when he was on tour with Danny Brown. I think the beat to this track is really interesting; you don’t really hear much like this in the hip-hop world.

Boys Noize ft. Hudson Mohawke & Spank Rock “Birthday”

I am a massive fan of all three of these guys and I think this is a great collab

Mr. Carmack “Pay for What” (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip)

This has been a staple in my set for a while, especially the live trombones part—super cool.

The Avalanches “Subways”

Such a fan of the Avalanches, been waiting for new music for 10 years. Stoked it is finally out.

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Gareth Emery ft. Wayward Daughter “Reckless” (Standerwick Remix)

Was a real honor to be given the first track on Gareth’s new album 100 Reasons to Live to remix. I wasn’t anticipating the success of the record and the amazing response it had across the world at both Gareth’s live shows and at my own. A quality original and top-drawer vocal made my job on the remix an easy one.

Gareth Emery & Ben Gold “Until We Meet Again” (Ben Nicky Remix)

Gareth passed me this tune a few weeks before release, giving me the pleasure of being able to play it live before nearly everyone else. I played it first at EDC Las Vegas, and wasn’t at all surprised to see the damage it did on the dancefloor. It has a 10 out of 10 melody that Ben Nicky absolutely smashed on the remix. A huge tune I will be playing out for months to come.

Zac Walters “Silent Cartographer”

Again, another track that I’ve been playing out quite a lot lately. It has such a great balance of both energy and dark emotion. I also love the use of sounds and layers that make up the tune. It also has a really interesting blend of styles making for a defo reach-to-ceiling track for me on the dancefloor.

Simon Patterson “Smack” (Waio Remix)

Massive tune this one. If you have heard it then there’s little point of me going into the details. If you haven’t, DO IT! Bomb.

Jak Aggas “The Walker”

Upliftng, hard and full of energy— sums up what I love about trance perfectly.

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Lost Frequencies 

Lost Frequencies ft. Sandro Cavazza “Beautiful Life”

It’s my new single, so of course I’m supporting my own track! I hope you guys are going to like it as much as I do!

Milk & Sugar ft. Nomfusi “Heat(African Day)” (Calippo Remix)

I’m really in love with this remix; the vibes from the original are amazing. This an amazing groove club killer !

Malaa “Diamonds”

I love the label Confessions by Tchami, and his artist Malaa is releasing some really cool music on it! You can always recognize his style and I love to play this in my sets.

Chemical Surf “Down”

This is really a deep track with a lot of energy. I love the big build up and the bass coming on with the vocal; will surely make the crowd enjoy the soundsystem of the club/festival!

Me & My Touthbrush “All the Time”

I love to play this track on pool/beach parties. The funky vibe will bring you some sunshine, for sure.

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Simon O’Shine

Sideform & Suduaya “Codes of Life”

My two favourite psy artists in one track, definitely takes the highest spot in June! Characteristic elements from both of them make this production special, with a great progression, quite a fat beat and perfect background.

Lyctum “Blueprints of Creation”

Lyctum is another strong position on the psy market for me, so he cannot be missed with his “Blueprints of Creation.” Massive groove!

Hypnoise & Lunatica “Hypnotica”

We go a little bit faster with tempo, add more reverbs, delays, little bit of acid. I like that goa feeling in it!

The Noble Six “Oddworld”

Here’s a great release from the Noble Six. In my opinion, outstanding, top uplifting production of June!

Noxious “Endless Land”

If I need to choose just one from Noxious’ album Surface of the Sun, it’s “Endless Land.” The whole album is worth a listen. A climatic, nostalgic piece of downtempo music; perfect for resting and traveling through cosmic space with sounds.

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99 Souls

ID “Ipanema” (ID Remix)

It’s like Hed Kandi meets future house, which is probably a description that might put a few people off, but it just works.

Offaiah “Trouble”

I’m sure this is on a lot of people’s top 5s right now. Who would have thought Charlie Puth would be getting banged out at Ministry and Amnesia, but Offaiah’s got him there. Massive record.

DJ Licious “Calling”

Our homie Licious from Belgium; the epic horns make me feel like I’m training for a grudge match.

Foals “Mountain at My Gates” (Alex Metric Remix)

Alex Metric is on a roll. This and his Just Kiddin “Fall For You” remix are both sick.

Safia “Embracing Me” (Hayden James Remix)

This one’s a bit too chilled to play out in most of our sets, but we’re absolutely in love with this tune; super vibey.

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