I love seeing all the different kandi that people design and wear to events. The endless variety is a source of inspiration to create something original of my own. I also enjoy seeing the ways people wear their creations. There is definitely no right or wrong way to wear kandi; you can stack your arms with cuffs or wear a few singles, and it will always work because it’s something that is unique and special to you.

As kandi cuffs have gotten more popular in the rave scene in the past few years, the demand for tutorials has grown as well. I’ve learned multiple ways to create cuffs and have even come up with a few methods of my own. For this tutorial, I will be showing what I think is the most common and simple way to make them.

Escape: All Hallows’ Eve Skull Cuff

Step 1

This step determines how the cuff will fit on the person wearing it. To test out what size is best for you, make a single that fits your arm snugly. Make sure the amount of beads is an even number. For example, my perfect size is 30. Most people use anywhere from 30-38 beads for this step. Get a long piece of string (long enough to build the base of this cuff), and once you have determined your size, string your beads together, making sure every third bead is a different color than the rest. Once you are done with one row, tie off the end of the string (but make sure not to cut it off).

Once you have mastered cuffs, you can use any color scheme you want! If at any point you run out of string, tie it off, and then tie a new piece of string onto where you left off. I try to avoid this problem by cutting super-long pieces of string for the cuff base and the 3D part.

Step 2

Now you’re going to use the long end of the string to build the cuff base. Start by stringing three beads through every black bead.

Continue this process until this row is complete.

Step 3

Once you have strung through the last black bead on the first row, guide your string so it goes up through the next two red beads so it looks like this:

Then add three beads onto your string, and weave it through the middle bead on the next set of three.

Continue this process until the row is done.

Step 4

As with the first row, once you string through the very last bead of this row, make your string go up through the next two beads so it’s coming out of the top-middle black bead. Continue this process for two more rows.

If you are following my color pattern, I did a row of all red, followed by a row of red-black-red.

Step 5

You should now have an almost finished base cuff with two rows of Xs.

To finish the last row and close off your base, instead of stringing three beads through each top-middle black bead, you are going to string two (like the first row).

When you are done, make sure to cut off any excess string and tie it, because this is the last row.

Your final product should look like this!

Step 6

Now it’s time to make this cuff 3D! You’re going to start by getting a new, long piece of string (again, long enough to build the whole 3D section) and tying it in between one red bead and one black bead at the top of the base.

Next, string it through the black bead and add five beads onto the string.

Once you have done that, string it through the next black bead in the same row. The five beads should be sticking out of the base cuff in a triangle shape.

Repeat the process on the whole row until you are back to the first set of five you just did.

Step 7

Once you get to the end, guide your string through the first black bead you started with. Then, string it up into the triangle, going through three beads. It should come out of the red bead in the middle.

Step 8

Next, string on two white beads and then string them through the middle black bead on the cuff base.

Once you have strung it through the black bead, add two white beads to it and string it up into the middle red bead of the triangle above it.

Continue this up-and-down weaving pattern until you have a 3D row of Xs.

Step 9

Your string should be coming out of the black bead on the base. You will now start the next and final row of 3D Xs. Repeat the same process as shown in steps 6-8 to get the last 3D X row.

Step 10

Now your cuff is done!

You can add any extra strands of beads to the outer part of the cuff to decorate it as well! Be creative, and have fun with it.

Step 11

For the finishing touch, add the skull perler onto the cuff.

When I add a perler, I just poke a small hole on each side of it (usually with a thumbtack) and tie each side to the cuff. You can add any perler or toy to make your cuffs look even better!

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