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If you’re a foodie like Phra—the Italian DJ/producer better known as Crookers—then the hunger is real. As an avid fruit lover and self-proclaimed fish fanatic, life on the road means that Phra’s favorite dishes may not always be on the menu. If he had his druthers, Gilda (his girlfriend’s mom) would always be within arm’s reach, acting as his personal chef. But since this isn’t his current situation, Phra must look elsewhere for daily nutrition, which inspires him to find good eats in unfamiliar territories. (It’s kind of a win when you think about it, since that’s one of his favorite pastimes). From time to time, however, he will eat outside of his comfort zone. “I felt pretty weird the first time I tried kangaroo,” he says. “But I have to admit, I’m not really that brave when it comes to trying new food.”

We collected a few snapshots from Phra’s Able to Maximize US tour, just in case you were wondering how he survives from gig to gig on the culinary tip. And if you build up an appetite from his NSFW food porn, we’ve got you sorted with a few tasty “Able to Maximize” remixes that should hold you over until your next meal.

First bite of food after a flight cancellation and 10 hours of traveling to New York! Mexican-style burger.

Fish tacos before Red Rocks. Mmm.

Trying on my new hand mask before playing with Bassnectar at Red Rocks in Colorado!

What’s everyone looking at?

Exercising the “mid-finger” pose five minutes before my set.

It’s incredible how big the “small” size is in the US.

Eggs so good my shades went nuts.

Driving my Yaris in L.A. all day. All I wanted was some flip-flops!


Panama teatime not in Panama.

Session with this mad guy. I love the coffee and AC in the studio. I could live here forever!

And there goes all my money. Thanks, L.A.

One of the few “hands in the air” moments from my set at Yost Theater.

My man Brien in San Fran trying to get some skirt.

Taking a DJ nap at Tonga in San Fran while Brien and dumb blonde get drunk.


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