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As all the madness of the Psycho Circus continued late into the night, we met more of you friendly Headliners who came to join us on the second and final day of Escape 2016. We encountered some pretty dope costumes as we met the rad ravers underneath. Get to know these awesome people from the last day of Escape!


Name: Jesse, Omar
Age: 23 (both)
Hometown: San Bernardino, CA
Occupation: Works at Michaels (Omar) and also works with Insomniac as a part-time performer; teller at Wells Fargo (Jesse).
Number of Escapes: All of them! (both)
What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?
Jesse: Dressing up together with your friends—it makes you feel like you’re young again. Having your ideas come to life, the compliments that you’re getting as you’re walking around—it’s everything.
Omar: Same for me. It’s all about creativity. You get to let yourself show, whether it’s your dark side or your creative side. It’s just fun to see people be who they fantasize about.
What’s your Halloween spirit animal?
Jesse: Whatever attracts me, whatever calls my name out.
Omar: For me, it’s the devil. You gotta bring out the dark side. Embrace it, take what you have of it, and just make it live.


Name: Calvin, Eric
Age: 24 (Calvin), 26 (Eric)
Hometown: San Jose, CA (both)
Occupation: Property management (Calvin), research and development engineer (Eric)
Number of Escapes: First time (Calvin), second time (Eric)
What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?
Eric: Dressing up, for sure!
Calvin: Dressing up.
What scares you more than anything else?
Eric: Those clowns that have been running around are pretty scary.
Calvin: Weed wackers. The drought is scary.


Name: Gabriel
Age: 34
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupation: Works at a city impound.
Number of Escapes: First time.
What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Dressing up—it’s a chance to be someone or something else.
What Halloween pet would you rather have: a black cat, owl, rat, or wolf? An owl, because they are creepy!


Name: Jordan
Age: 25
Hometown: San Francisco
Occupation: Works in insurance.
Number of Escapes: Third time.
What is your favorite thing about Halloween? My favorite thing about Halloween is just how you can get lost in persona; you can just become Spider-Man. This is my big night of the year. Spider-Man was my hero growing up. I like to say jokingly that he is my spirit animal; [getting] to dress up like my hero is just one of the best treats in the world!
You’re home by yourself and hear footsteps in the other room. What do you do? I would get on a vantage part and try and surprise them, and then just jump out and tackle them!


Name: Tara
Age: 32
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Number of Escapes: First time.
How does your costume make you feel on the inside? Shiny.
When was the last time you were terrified? When I gave birth.


Name: Raul
Age: 30
Hometown: Rialto, CA
Occupation: Forklift driver at a warehouse.
Number of Escapes: First time.
Do you have a favorite villain or horror monster? I love the classics, because that’s where it originated. Freddy Krueger. It’s a nightmare thing; he gets you in your dreams.
Are you a superstitious person? I’m very superstitious. I believe in aliens.


Name: Celina
Age: 30
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Occupation: Nurse.
Number of Escapes: First time.
What scares you more than anything else? The dark—I don’t know what’s there. My imagination fucks with me.
Have you ever had a brush with the paranormal? I think so. It was Christmas Day, and I was living with my friends. Their grandma died a few years ago… She was a hoarder, but most of the stuff had been cleared out after she passed—except for one room, which was the room across from mine. I came home from work, and the window to that bedroom was open. It was never open, and no way it could have been mistakenly opened at all. They said it was grandma. They’ve experienced other things, but that was one of them.


Name: Carla and Michael
Age: 30 (Carla), 29 (Michael)
Hometown: Palm Desert, CA
Occupation: Yoga teacher (Carla), surveillance for a casino (Michael).
Number of Escapes: Fourth time (Carla), third time (Michael).
Are you superstitious?
Carla: I’m superstitious about everything: dreams, the universe, the stars, the constellations.
Michael: I believe whatever you put into the universe, it’ll come back to you.
Do you remember the last time you were really scared?
Carla: The last time I was mortified was when my daughter was born, because there were complications. Everything is perfect now, but I have never experienced something as scary as that.


Name: Sola
Age: 25
Hometown: San Francisco, CA, but I’m originally from Korea.
Occupation: I’m a student in San Francisco.
Number of Escapes: This is my first one!
What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? The costumes, of course! I also love making new friends, and Halloween is perfect for that.
Do you have a favorite horror movie or show? I don’t like the horror genre, but I do love The Walking Dead.


Name: Monse, Ali
Age: 23 (Monse), 23 (Ali)
Hometown: Montclair, CA (both).
Occupation: Manager at a retail store (Ali), medical assistant (Monse).
Number of Escapes: Third time (Ali), fifth time (Monse).
What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?
Ali: Dressing up. It’s the best part and such a blast.
Monse: Going all out, painting your face, and dressing up however you want. And coming to Escape!
Do you have a favorite horror monster or villain?
Monse: Michael Myers!
Ali: Michael Myers—this is why we’re dating.


Name: Alan
Age: 28
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupation: I work in orthopedics.
Number of Escapes: It’s my eighth Halloween party and sixth Escape.
If you had the power to cast a spell on somebody, what would you cast, and who would you cast it on? I think I would cast a common-sense spell on a lot of people—myself, mainly.
Are you a superstitious person? A little. Mostly about Ouija boards. I don’t like to mess around with them too much, but my girlfriend loves them.
If you somehow got transported to a horror film, which one would you go to, and why? Probably The Texas Chain Saw Massacre or Scarface. I’d be comfortable with being his weird cousin so he doesn’t injure me.


Name: Adam
Age: 33
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Hotel manager.
Number of Escapes: First time.
Are you a superstitious person? A little bit. I’m a little afraid of ghosts, but I don’t like to admit it. I’ve never seen one, though.
If you were in a zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice? A machete. I feel like I would try and chop everyone’s head off.
If you had the power to cast a spell on somebody, what would you cast, and who would you cast it on? I would give my sister the power of empathy.


Name: Shane, Flo
Age: 34 (Shane), 38 (Flo)
Hometown: Denver, CO (both)
Occupation: Software and database engineer (Shane), DJ (Flo).
Number of Escapes:
Shane: This is my first Escape, but I’ve been to plenty of EDCs and Insomniac events.
Flo: First Escape, but I came to plenty of Nocturnals when they used to be here.
If you were in a zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice?
Shane: Oh, I would be food. I have no skills that would be helpful in a zombie apocalypse, but humans would need and use me. If the zombies had to set up a cloud infrastructure to organize their attack, maybe…
If you had the power to cast a spell on somebody, what would you cast, and who would you cast it on?
Shane: A spell to make myself more useful in a zombie apocalypse!
Flo: I would cast a spell of creativity on myself.
What’s the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you when you were alone?
Flo: One time, I’m pretty sure the spirit of my deceased stepfather told me where he didn’t want his ashes spread. These thoughts came into my mind that weren’t mine, and these words came out of my mouth that weren’t mine.

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