Astrix’s brand of psytrance has soundtracked many a sunrise at parties across the globe. He first left his mark on the trance world with his 2002 debut album, Eye to Eye, which has been followed by more than 1,000 gigs, a #17 place in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll, and a much-anticipated EDC Las Vegas set earlier this year. You can expect more driving basslines and uplifting melodies from Avi Shmailov soon, as his fourth album is due to be released later this year. To see what makes this full-on psytrance DJ tick…

Describe your perfect date.
Red wine, good movie and a soft bed with soft music.

Have you driven anyone insane?
My fans, I guess.

What song lyric or movie line best describes your philosophy on life?
“Let us all unite!” from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.

Have you ever had a brush with the paranormal or supernatural?
The long, late-night studio sessions are always a journey into another world.

First album purchased with your own money?
Hallucinogen’s Twisted.

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